Yarmouth Senior Center
528 Forest Road, West Yarmouth  [MAP]

Happy Rosh Hashanah!
L'Shanah Tovah!

Good Yom Kippur!
G'mar Chatimah Tovah!

ACBL-wide International Fund
Thu, Sep 13
To see the full overall results
when ready
 click the link immediately above 

ACBL Inter-Club Championship
 Extra Black Points 
Our national finishers are:

ICCG  Open Pairs - 175.5 Tables / Based on 199 Tables

MPs   A	B C Score   Names
1.49  10    63.44%  Steve Salidas - B E Lacy
0.99  15    62.00%  Donald Robertson - Richard Davenport
Thu, Sep 27
To see the full overall results
when ready
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Instant Matchpoint Game

Mon, Jul 9
This event will be seeded.
To get the seeding you deserve, or
at least be in a position to complain
if you don't, you must be present
by our regular 11:45AM arrival time.
 1 gold point  to section tops in each direction, 
 remaining points red/black at sectional rating. 
Players are eligible for
district-wide and ACBL-wide awards.
Hands are pre-dealt.
See your matchpoint result instantly
after each deal is played!
A special recap (posted online),
hand records (online and printed),
and an analysis of the bidding and play
of each deal (online and printed)
are included...
Full deal analyses [pdf]
Special recap
Check back here around August 15
 for links to District and ACBL-wide results 

Calendar of games Calendar and special events

Our games are OPEN and
start PROMPTLY at noon
(PLEASE arrive by 11:45)
     Monday [Rita directs]
Thursday [Jim directs]

Weather cancellations:  if there's no school or early closing, there's no game.
To call the Senior Center:  (508)394-7606

Directors: Contact information:
Rita Baudo (508)394-3377 r.baudo @ comcast.net
Jim Bradley  (508)598-5359  jlb.jlbradley gmail.com

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Unit 108 (sectionals):  http://www.acblemba.org
District 25 (regionals):  http://www.nebridge.org
ACBL (nationals, your masterpoints):  http://www.acbl.org