Yarmouth Senior Center
528 Forest Road, West Yarmouth  [MAP]

Mon, Jan 08
Thu, Jan 11
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Thu, Jan 18
ACBL Inter-Club Championship
Extra Black Points
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 GOLD  /  RED  /  BLACK  points
Pre-register at The Common Game
One $30 fee makes you personally eligible
for gold and red point awards at all clubs
 PROVIDED that you play at least two sessions 
 at any participating club(s) 

but is NOT required for black points.
Sessions at DY:
Mon, Feb 5
Thu, Feb 8
Sessions at Judy's Games:
Tue, Feb 6
Fri, Feb 9

Calendar of games Calendar and special events

Our games are OPEN and
start PROMPTLY at noon
(PLEASE arrive by 11:45)
     Monday [Rita directs]
Thursday [Jim directs]

Weather cancellations:  if there's no school or early closing, there's no game.
To call the Senior Center:  (508)394-7606

Directors: Contact information:
Rita Baudo (508)394-3377 r.baudo @ comcast.net
Jim Bradley  (508)598-5359  jlb.jlbradley gmail.com

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