Yarmouth Senior Center
528 Forest Road, West Yarmouth  [MAP]

 ACBL-wide Instant 
Matchpoint Game
 Mon, Jul 8
 Detailed hand analysis [pdf]
Note: the heading of that article
shows last year's date but the
hands are this year's.
Remaining points
50/50 Red/Black
1 gold point
to section tops
in each direction
 ACBL-wide results 
 Link should appear above by Aug 15th. 

Mon, Aug 19
Thu, Aug 22

Calendar of games Calendar and special events

Our games are OPEN and
start PROMPTLY at noon
(PLEASE arrive by 11:45)
     Monday [Rita directs]
Thursday [Joe directs]

Weather cancellations:  if there's no school or early closing, there's no game.
To call the Senior Center:  (508)394-7606

Directors: Contact information:
Rita Baudo (508)394-3377 r.baudo @ comcast.net
Jim Bradley  (508)598-5359  jlb.jlbradley gmail.com
Joe Brouillard  (401)263-9200  joe joebrouillard.com

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